Blue Moon Rising: January 31st, 2018


January 2018 brought some heavy "no BS" energy with it.

Relationships in mass quantities were challenged.

Deep, authentic, self-honesty was demanded, which required many of us to truly look at, and see ourselves for the first time.

Confrontations popped up out of the blue.

Perceptions were shattered.

This felt raw and unbearable at times (and if you're still feeling like this - I want you to know that it's simply a part of the process and it will come to pass)

I honor you for your willingness and courage to walk this path.

It's not always easy to accept responsibility and claim your truth.

Honesty and claiming responsibility however, is the quickest way to transformation.

Let go of blame, shame, and victimhood. These are the walls that separate you from knowing WHO YOU ARE.

When you connect with that precious Light in you, all fear will drop away and you will only know Truth.

This is a deepest form of Love that we all are seeking, whether conscious or not.

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