2 Things That Help Bring Me Back Into Flow

Flow is this precious state of presence that we all have access to 24/7.

Being in flow is effortlessly co-creating with The Universe. Being in flow is feeling fully connected to yourself and the people around you in a loving and compassionate way. Being in flow is knowing you are exactly where you need to be and seeing the lessons in every experience, without judgment or feeling the need to question it. Being in flow is worry-less, stress-less, energizing, and abundant. Being in flow is being free from the "should've, could've, and would've" words.

As conditioned humans, with so many "things to do", it is no easy task staying in the flow. The majority of us are experiencing brief moments of it throughout the day, but are quickly distracted and return to the state of mild-to-moderate dis-ease that we experience when we are not in flow.

There are some days when I notice myself feeling the familiar "off feeling" and I can hop back into flow with just a simple breathing exercise, or a single thought. But truthfully, most days I am required to do a lot more than think a happy thought to get back into flow. And there are many days that I simply can't seem to stay in it.

It's this blissful state of flow however, that because I have experienced it and have consciously recognized it enough times, keeps me inspired to continue seeking ways to return to flow more easily. Flow keeps me in awe of the possibilities of who and what I am capable of being in this world. The more often I practice using my tools and make a conscious effort to return to flow, the more I learn about myself and the deeper my connection to Source Energy is. 

I have a lot of tools in my toolbox, but there are 2 practices that I turn to consistently to help bring me back into flow. When I take the time to stop whatever I am doing when I am feeling out of flow, and surrender to one or both of these practices, I experience great relief from the feeling of dis-ease caused by being out of flow. Sometimes I can return to flow and remain there for a while, and sometimes I just get a glimpse of it before my monkey mind takes over again and I see myself judging and manipulating my circumstances in an effort to "force" my way into flow again.

But it's worth it for me either way, because even if I don't get to stay in flow all day long, the little moments of bliss that is flow keep me reminded that I am on the right track, that the universe has my back, and that the more I let go of my limiting beliefs and "blocks" around the way I think things "should" be, the more I grow closer to my purpose and place in the world.

1. Silent Meditation and/or Meditative Movement

Taking time to sit in silence or do a guided meditation is precious time well-spent. Turning inward is truly intelligent, as that is where ALL the answers lie. I know it's counterintuitive to the majority of us. We are accustomed to "making things happen". But when you can stop for a moment and take time to listen, you slow your conditioning down enough that your nervous system registers this call to action and remembers what it's like to be connected. 

I encourage morning meditation as a ritual. Most of us are experiencing our longest moments of being in the flow when we are sleeping because our minds are quiet and allowing us to be fully connected and co-creating with the energies of the universe. So meditating first thing when you wake up gives your conscious mind a chance to do the same, and with less resistance.

When you notice yourself out of flow during the day, bring yourself back to meditation as a reminder to slow your mind down, put a halt on the pressures you are feeling to "do, do, do", and remind yourself that life doesn't have to feel that "hard".

HERE is a guided meditation I recorded that you can use to help get back into flow.

I also recommend doing meditative movement as a way to get back into flow. Things like walking, jogging, biking, and swimming are great when you are experiencing anxiety and worry. The repetitive movement can be calming and you will also produce healthy neurotransmitters that will give your brain a re-boot of "flow" chemicals!

Yoga is another amazing exercise to help bring you back into flow. Really surrender yourself to your mat and your practice. Be willing to experience all the feelings of discomfort and resistance while committing to surrendering yourself and your body to the poses. Focusing on the body can often bring us back into flow because we take our focus off of whatever we are worrying about that is keeping us out of flow.

2. Pen-To-Paper Journaling

The act of writing has transcendental powers. It is something I am consistently resistant to, but once I get into flow with my pen, the answers start to come out of me that I need to hear. The physical act of writing and slowing down our thoughts to the speed of our pen is calming to the mind and re-directs our fast-pace to something relieving and calming.

Most people ask me, "but what do I write?". Here are a few ideas to get your started. Honestly, simply the act of writing is therapeutic in itself, so you could start start with writing "My name is _____ and I wish to be in flow." over and over and over again.

Here are some additional prompts:

1. Write a gratitude list. 

2. Describe the situation you are having. Next write the ideal results you would like to achieve or experience instead of what you are experiencing. Then end with a prayer to The Universe that you would like direction in the way of getting there.

3. Name your feelings. What are you feeling right now? Where in your body are you feeling it? Write about what it is like to experience these feelings. End with a prayer to The Universe asking for relief from these feelings and for help getting back into flow.