Hi! I'm Hollis.

Weight Loss & Nutrition Expert. Holistic Lifestyle Enthusiast. Free-Spirit. Woman of Woo. Beach Lover. Currently Living In Baja, Mexico.

MY STORY  I had a stress-induced health crash in my 20's. I was supposed to be looking and feeling like a total babe, right?  Instead, I was anxiety-ridden, battled weight fluctuations, was constantly bloated, acne prone, and had ZERO energy.

I had had enough with being prescribed RX meds for my symptoms and eventually set out on my own mission to remedy my health - naturally - (SANS the quick-fix gimmicks, miracle weight loss products, and starvation diets.)  

Within a year of adopting real foods nutrition and gently cleansing my body (and life) from other toxic influences like negative relationships and a career I hated - my vibrant life had made a comeback! 

I'm passionate about sharing these nutrition and holistic lifestyle secrets with other successful entrepreneurial women - because real answers create real results - like losing weight, regaining energy, and truly loving your fabulous life! 

Now Accepting 1:1 Clients

I work with successful + motivated women who are ready to drop the extra pounds, without it being such a 'struggle' - so you can have more time and energy for the things that really matter - like making more money in your business, spending more time your family, and learning how to be a powerful manifest-ress. (All the while loving and feeling really proud of the body you inhabit)!

We'll probably be a good fit if you can relate to any of the following...

  • you have “fat” pants in your closet and a whole section of "skinny" clothes that you'll be able to wear again once you lose "x" lbs

  • you constantly stress over what you're going to look like in a bikini while on vacation

  • you wish you could have sustained mental focus, energy, inspiration, and motivation throughout the day, so you could rock it at work - without feeling so stressed

  • you wish you had more passion in your relationship - and Actually, you often wonder if you'll ever get your sex drive back

  • you eat protein bars or drink "weight loss" shakes often for a meal replacement and still wonder why you aren't able to lose weight

  • you find yourself binge-eating at times, like someone has taken over your body and you're unable to control the urge to mow down on chocolate, ice cream, (or both)?

  • you depend on things like caffeine and sugar to wake-up and/or get you through the day

  • you have tried so many different diets that you are totally confused about what foods are 'okay' to eat and which ones should never be touched again

If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions and are committed and ready to begin getting results in your weight loss journey - book a consultation HERE

**Spots are limited **