Hi! I'm Hollis.

Holistic Health & Nutrition Expert. Healthy Lifestyle Enthusiast. Free-Spirit. Woman of Woo. Beach Lover. Currently Living In Baja, Mexico.

MY STORY  I had a stress-induced health crash in my early 20's. I was supposed to be looking and feeling like a total babe, right?  Instead, I was anxiety-ridden, battled weight fluctuations, was constantly bloated, acne prone, and had ZERO energy.

I had had enough with being prescribed RX meds for my symptoms and eventually set out on my own mission to remedy my health - naturally - (SANS the quick-fix gimmicks, miracle weight loss products, and starvation diets.)  

Within a year of adopting real foods nutrition and gently cleansing my body (and life) from other toxic influences like negative relationships and a career I hated - my vibrant life had made a comeback! 

After experiencing the drastic impact of adopting good nutrition and healthy lifestyle habits had on my mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing, I promptly began to pursue various holistic health avenues and make it into a career.

Over the last 12 years I have pursued formal education in massage therapy, holistic nutrition, culinary arts, and health coaching. Today I am living my dream life in Southern Baja, Mexico spending my time sharing healthy food & my secrets for healing with nutrition and holistic lifestyle habits with my clients both here in Los Cabos, and online and over the phone as well!